Sentinel trees blinded by swaying fronds

Wide armed canopies embracing the sun

Their soft shadows cling to my skin

Blushing shyly with desire


The searing light cannot undress me now

The dimpled sunshine has lost its glare

In its flirtatious forays among the leaves


My broken virtue is my own.


Branches twisted in a permanent caress

Hold me above the sweaty clinging earth


Besotted crickets crooning love songs

And fickle-hearted birds swooning in lust

Clothe my naked arms in innocence

Untouched by roving searching eyes


Yellow, red, orange, ochre

Emotions of every timbre

Swirl gently to the ground

Piling up in drifts

To fade away to brown


Here within the drowsy dreaming grove

Unsung and unannounced, is forgiveness.




4 responses to “Forgiveness

  1. This poem has such sultry sensual imagery…your mind must be a wonderful place to be!

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