When Cows Get Bored

I made this illustration following an encounter with a cow who seemed to be grappling with the same life issues that I confront daily: mind-numbing, IQ-lowering, complete and utter boredom.

On my way to college I saw this cow standing in a field, with eyes as big and round as saucers.

This in itself was not unusual. Herds of cows roam our campus, unfettered, and unfazed by hordes of students and vehicles alike. Often groups of cows or bulls blockade the roads and paths, supremely unconcerned and seemingly unaware of the chaos they cause. Occasionally, a minor pandemonium ensues if any of them are somehow goaded to rampage.

What was strange was that the cow was eating a large sheet of soft cardboard, despite being surrounded by ostensibly succulent grass. It was the sort of cardboard that is used to make moving boxes: light brown with a shedding skin of dust.

My interest was piqued. I approached the cow slowly, cautiously.
She must have noticed me observing her because she lifted her head and fixed me with large lugubrious eyes. She looked, quite simply, as if the tedium of life were killing her by inches. The ennui in her world-weary gaze was that of an intellectual starved of mental stimulation for a decade.
Deciding that I was beneath her notice, she resumed chewing on the cardboard, staring away into the distance. I surmised that she had forgone her natural biological diet in favour of more exotic artificial alternatives from sheer boredom.

I guess even cows have existential crises.


16 responses to “When Cows Get Bored

  1. Confession: I once ate a paper bag when I was a kid, just because I was bored. Glad there are cows out there that can relate! 🙂 The illustration is adorable. I’m jealous your campus has cows. Mine has a few goats, a lot of angry squirrels, and not much else! Maybe we should arrange a livestock swap.

    • Lol 😀
      I once ate paper too, in “the name of science” 😛
      Thanks a lot! 🙂

      Our campus has goats too…its like a jungle out there 😀
      Haha, a livestock swap would be fun!

  2. I agree, cows do get bored. My brother and I used to bang on an old oil drum. The cows, ready for any bit of excitment would come stampeding to see what was up. They fell for it every time, bored and not too bright.

    • LOL, yeah! 🙂
      They’re pretty cute.
      They keep trying to get into the girls hostel in our college campus as well…whenever the gate is open they run like crazy…I’ve never seen cows run like that before…
      And its not like there’s anything special inside either…the grass is the same O.o

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  4. Lovely comparison
    But actually the irony is that the human biengs are observing these cows writing about how they go for card boards to find excitement and to get rid of boredom, where human biengs are themselves bored enough to ignore other people around them and finding excitement by writting about these cows

    • Haha, good point!
      The fact that watching cows was the most exciting thing that happened to me that day is really something to be considered 😛
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • Actually i m shocked, how someone can give such a cute reply to such a dumb comment because truly speaking , i didn’t even know wat i was writting.
        I was very sleepy last night wen i wrote this cmmnt and now when i m reading my own cmmnt, i cant do nything but just laugh on it

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