Desperate Guys: BEWARE!

Desperate Guys: BEWARE!

This is just a little thing I made in about twenty minutes…because I was pissed.

I know this is an age-old issue, but sometimes guys can be really THICK. I don’t believe in looking down on people unnecessarily…but I’m frustrated by how some guys just never stop trying to hit on you…
Its like politeness makes them think that you’re interested…

So this is part of my own personal crusade to change the world…though its not like it’ll accomplish more than maybe a laugh. Oh well.


11 responses to “Desperate Guys: BEWARE!

  1. Gah, TRUTH. And you’re right: politeness always seems to make it worse, as if “playing hard to get” is really a thing, and “no thanks means “keep bothering me”. I hate being rude to people, but I make an exception for men who just won’t take a hint. I got a good laugh out of the drawing too!

    • Really. “Playing hard to get” must be a myth, or a euphemism for coercion, LOL.
      I hate being rude to people too, but sometimes there’s really no alternative. Sigh.
      Thanks, I’m glad it could make you laugh! 🙂 🙂

  2. I need one of these signs.
    I’d rather play Xbox, which guys take as a sign to mean I like playing Xbox because of men. No, I like playing xbox because I get Space Boyfriend in Mass effect, and that’s as far as my relationships go. Haha.

    • LOL 😀

      I’m more of a strategy game player myself (I grew up playing Age of Mythology and Age of Empires), probably because the controls are easier….but I understand what you mean! Haha 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. It’s not that we are thick per se’ – but more that we totally lack the ability to regulate the overwhelming animalistic urges within us which emanate from the raging testosterone coursing through our ravaged bodies.
    Or something like that anyway.
    Seriously though – not ALL men are like this.. (that is the honest truth – it has been reported that there is a guy who lives somewhere deep within the amazonian rainforest who is not like this – i kid you not!)

    • Haha. Yes, I know not ALL guys are like this…I’ve been hearing rumours about the rainforest for a while now..

      Well, jokes apart…I guess part of my problem is that I can’t stop being polite…Maybe its a better idea to come out into the open and be direct, instead of throwing hints around like confetti.

      • I do feel for you (and most women I guess) – it embarrasses ME seeing this behaviour and the number of times I have tried to cash in my membership of the man club I could not count but unfortunately, unless I consider medical intervention, I suspect I will be unsuccessful. Anyway I sorta like being a man… I just don’t much like typical man behaviours

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