Messaging Superheroes


“Hi, I’m Brb, your friendly chatroom superhero. You can call me Burb.”

Brb, or ‘Burb’ as I like to call him, is a superhero with teleportation and vanishing super powers. He has the ability make you disappear from intractable chats for as long as you like.

Burbs come in many sizes, small and big. They can be as young as one minute, and can even live forever.

"I'm Hmmm. And I am NOT a furball."

“I’m Hmmm. And I am NOT a furball.”

Burbs are often accompanied, or rather preceded by their surly sidekicks, the ‘Hmmm’. Hmmms allow you to end a conversation, but not as amicably as a Burb.

And lastly, we have the jovial and versatile LOL.


Leaping LOLs!

LOLs like to pop out of conversations, posts, comments etc; always cheerful and often paired with emoticons. LOLs have enormous population sizes, reproducing like rabbits: One LOL often begets many others. It has been estimated that the population count of LOLs has already exceeded that of China’s.

Together, these masked abbreviations fight the insidious forces of clingy chatters, stiff fingers, and even the omnipresent ever-present mastermind: Boredom.

-Protectors of the Chatroom.

-Protectors of the Chatroom.

[P.S.- I got the idea for this post from a dream. I had dozed off during a so-called intractable chat, and dreamed of fur-balls whizzing around and smiting blobs of Flubber-like substance , which were apparently apparitions of ‘boredom’.]


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