Meet Hanky-panky.


The Hanky-panky is very good friends with many couples in love.
(Note: The plural of Hanky-panky is Hanky-panky. Because ‘Hanky-pankies’ would just be ridiculous.)

The Hanky-panky is shy by nature. Like spiders, they can often be found hiding in preferably dark, secluded areas, like behind buses, or deserted streets.

When discovered by interlopers, Hanky-panky hide in their super-invisibility cloaks. They are easily startled, and can attack with Embarrassing/Awkward Moments, so approach with caution.

Hanky Panky Text

[P.S.- The Story Behind this Post:-
When referring to liaisons of any kind, my brother often uses the word ‘hanky-panky’. His tragically humorous anecdotes of couples and their antics are delivered with a deadpan expression and liberal usage of this unusually funny word. The result is that we are usually in paroxysms of laughter before the punchline.

Added to the inherent ridiculousness of ‘hanky-panky’, this is what I imagine. Naturally, Hanky-panky has become a comic figure of epic proportions in my mind.]


25 responses to “Hanky-Panky

  1. Hahaha!! This is adorable and hilarious! It reminds me of this spot on my college campus that we call the “makeout fountain”. It’s a fountain in a little courtyard with benches tucked into the shadows of the surrounding hedges. So it seems really private while you’re there… until you realize it’s a major shortcut through campus. At night, you can almost ALWAYS find some couple engaged in, ah, “Hanky-panky” there… which is awkward if you’re just passing through and suddenly see two springing apart in the shadows! :-p

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