The Irregular Painting Behind ‘The Irregular Painting’


This is the first painting I made on an actual canvas, using oil paints. Usually my well-meaning attempts to paint are disasters. The paint smudges too much, or anarchic water blotches seize control in a hostile takeover.
Surprisingly, I enjoyed using oil paints, which I found to be much more forgiving than water colours. Of course, I suppose it helped that I like the smell of turpentine.

In any case, I ended up finishing the painting without incident. However, on its completion, I realized that my ‘monster flower’ was asymmetrical.  My mother hung it in the living room and praised it to the heavens, though she said that she wished I could ‘center the flower’. Her chance remark gave me the idea for the first complete short story I’ve ever written, ‘The Irregular Painting’.
The story is about an unconventional and  talented young painter (unlike me), who struggles to be accepted and to conform.

In any case, I guess everything happens for the best. I never thought that my bumbling attempts to paint could ever result in more than splotchy ‘abstract’ art.

Life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.



20 responses to “The Irregular Painting Behind ‘The Irregular Painting’

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  2. I think the imperfections are what make any work of art beautiful. Much like how asymmetry makes the human face even more gorgeous. Be proud of your skill and achievement, my Irregular Painter friend! 😀

  3. Oh, DW, I really really love this. I love the color combinations as well as the technique. And it would not be so wonderful if it was centered. I was an (untalented) art major, therefore I’m a reputable critic.

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