I see a slumbering twilight world

Of worn, salt-encrusted stone cheeks

Dewy with memories of sorrow

Of frightened swathes of crushed sand

Flecked with grains of broken promises

And of sobbing restless waters

Eddying inky-black mouths

Opening and closing, urgently, silently.


The sun is asleep in its blanket of sea

Dreaming shining galloping slumber-mares

Foaming visions pale with purpose

Are bridled to cold dark waves

Racing futilely to be heard


But they sink, unfulfilled, exhausted

Frothing white in frustration

Soon to be forgotten in the searing light

Of the stark grey morning tomorrow

Misty recollections blown away

By a clear stinging breeze


So let me close my burning eyes for now

And feel the feckless wind dance

Let them flicker and glow with hope tonight

Let them swallow themselves in flames.


[The photo was an image I downloaded from the net. I actually wrote this poem about a year back, during a difficult time.
I apologize for not updating my blog for so long…I was too happy! Unfortunately, it seems that I can only be productive when I’m drowning in the depths of despair.
Anyway, have a great week…and Happy Halloween!]


18 responses to “Futility

    • Thank you so much! Its a bit depressing, but I’ve always found it easier to convey negative emotions through poetry than happiness. I love your wonderful poetry and haiku..they make me smile!

      • I used to see the failings of all around me. I was mired in a dream of perfection. Eventually I realized that was my failing, and now I see the beauty everywhere. It is my journey. Always, I try to see beauty, and I do. I have compassion for failings, for sadness, for pain, because they are all part of me, too. Thanks for your wonderful compliment! It means a lot to me!

      • Even your reply is poetic! I’m happy for you…:)

        And I hope someday I’ll be able to overlook the pain and sadness I see around me, and focus on the best of things.

        Cheers! πŸ™‚

  1. DW, your poem goes perfectly with the photo you selected. I especially like this passage – ‘But they sink, unfulfilled, exhausted
    Frothing white in frustration
    Soon to be forgotten in the searing light’

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