The Menace of the Runaway Sentence

run away sentence

The runaway sentence from hell!

Sentences are tricky beasts to begin with- grammatically finicky creatures that must speak sense, without letting the flow drain away through dead-end full stops.

And then there is the added menace of runaway rambling sentences. Their coherence is lost in the very meaning that they seek to depict. They refuse to be tamed by the remitting stakes of full-stops. They choke the life out of writing, leaving the reader drained and confused. They are winding paths that lead to nothing. They are, quite simply, the bane of my life.

Runaway sentences are addicted to stalking everything I write: from dry factual reports to poetry. I am admittedly, an easy target. Indecisiveness is merely fuel to their flames.

Those grammar rules and lists are useless against them. This is war. Readers and writers, lend me your brevity and wit! Suggestions to combat their nefarious forces are solicited.

[AN: My parents gifted me a Wacom graphic tablet for my birthday this year! I’ve been yearning for one secretly (Okay, maybe not-so-secretly) ever since I first struggled to maneuver the pen tool in Photoshop. And runaway sentences were the first thing that popped into my mind when I started using the tablet. Now I don’t know how I managed to coax the mouse to jerkily trace out the shapes I wanted before.
Cheers! Have a great week!]


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