Happy New Year

Guest Post by Titas Roy.


What’s with this void that desires more hollowness?
Narrow kinships and those false attributes that defined her policies!

What’s with that burnt woman’s excessive loud laughter?
Skew orthogonal geometries and the aura created by most fallacies!

What’s with those ‘stalwarts’ preaching extremism to the feeble minds?
Hell of a burning milieu crafted by hate, abhorrence and jealousies!

What’s with their never-ending thirst and hunger of getting more opulent?
The inertia that is stopping the nation from creating another odyssey!

What if we start aspiring for a calm year and some more to follow?
What if we wish and try to not succumb to those old men’s prophecies?

AN- I don’t think this can be called a poem. I would rather say these are some thoughts and reflections that inflicted my mind this year. Some really ill people might be enjoying these phenomena as it wouldn’t have occurred in an otherwise sane world. I really hope these people get well soon and strive for a better place to live in and a happier new year to enjoy. 🙂


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