I don’t want to understand
How a it feels to maim kindness,
How it feels to scar with words,
How to get beneath your skin,
How to sleep in your marrow,
And wake up outside your dreams.

You can shed your masks,
You can’t fling away your bones.

I don’t want to learn
How easy it is to break hearts,
And cut others with the edges;
How to watch someone die
In life-long death throes.

Naivete is my addiction,
My balm to soothe your lies.

I don’t want to know
How to separate our tangled lives,
How we’ll say our last goodbyes.
I don’t want to see
How a traitor’s eyes shine,
Mine might look the same.

[AN- This was inspired by the Silence of the Lambs and an episode of Tokyo Ghoul that my brother forced me to watch (though I don’t know why they made me feel like writing about a failed relationship).
The horror genre is more disconcerting for me if I actually empathize with the murderer/villain. One dimensional villains have the advantage of making me feel morally superior.
I would never feel like taking over the world to establish my own despotic rule (why do so many one-dimensional villains want that anyway? Being the dictator of the entire world can’t be a fun job. The perks don’t seem to make up for it).
*End of nested parentheses*
Image source- wallhaven.cc]


13 responses to “Ignorance

  1. I agree with you. I have always been hesitant to look too closely, because there might be a lot of me reflected there. Vice versa, there might be something of someone awful reflected in me. I’d rather not know than be forced to see it for the truth.

    And I also like your take on villains. I love multi-dimensional villains. (Klaus, anyone? Don’t judge me) The villain should want more than just world domination. They have fears, vulnerabilities. I want to see those, so I can root for them.

    • Hi Sarah!
      Sorry for the late reply..I suddenly got busy with assignments and other assorted evils in college.

      Yes, I’ve always been loath to over-analyze my character flaws because I’m afraid that the reality may not tally with my opinion of myself.

      Your views on villains are interesting! And that’s why I’m inexplicably drawn to antiheroes too! I hope your book has an antihero or two too! 🙂

      Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. It is very beautiful, but also hard and sad … Congratulations Amrita !!
    The Silence of the Lambs is always a good inspiration.
    Now I return to access, strange things happen to me :))

    • Yes, I watched the entire first season, on the insistence of my brother.
      But I thought that it lost coherence in the second season. It just started to seem more like a typical shonen anime in the later episodes.

      Thank you so much! 🙂 And thanks for visiting 🙂
      Also, I’m sorry for the late reply. My exams just ended today. Have a great week!

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