A Tout Le Monde

Cool image; not exactly related to the poem.

Dangling on her sleeve,
She wears her naked heart
It may be out of reach,
But you know she’ll never leave.

Her mind is an open page,
Ripped apart for you to read.
But if you think you know her,
Take another look.

Broken windows are her eyes,
Shattered by so many others.
They shine exposed, for you,
Do not feed her lies.

She hoards her trust jealously,
Wait for her to dole it out.
One day she will be yours;
One day she will be free.

AN- I have neglected this blog for the last two months, and I feel horrible about it. This blog has become more than a reflection of myself: if you pour out enough of yourself into anything, it becomes a part of you. In allowing my blog to lie fallow, I’ve neglected myself too (comparing a blog to a field is a strange analogy, but I’ve been out of touch for a while. 😛 ). I’ll try to be more regular now, and I want to catch up with all of you. Let me know what you’ve all been up to!


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