Immortal Yesterdays


The moment the day ends,
It dies for me, minute by minute,
By the clock’s hand.
My past lies, comatose,
Groggily fading away,
As unreal as a dream.

But in your shuttered eyes,
Yesterdays still take wing,
Flapping before you unbidden.
They soar from memory,
Irrepressibly awake, immortal,
Playing the strings of your heart.

And so I fear the blinding glare
Of your living recollections,
That never fade, ever-youthful,
That shine brighter than firelight-
Dancing, breathing smoke and ash-
While the present flickers before you.

[AN- I posted a shorter version of this on Instagram. I find it so much easier to post on Instagram, because it just takes a lot less work. I will update more regularly though. This time I mean it, if there’s anyone out there who reads this anymore. :/
Cheers! Have a great week!]


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