The Invincible Pound

These bones are tired,
Straining against skin cages,
Supporting the dead weight
Of unyielding flesh.
The insults and jibes
Have corroded her mind,
Crushed her heart.
And yet, the unwanted pounds
Are invincible to mockery,
Diets and fasting.
They refuse to budge,
Even when the muscles weep
Streams of sweat and blood.

Food is her enemy,
And her medication.

AN- I originally wrote this one for Instagram. It hardly qualifies as poetry, but body-shaming is an issue close to my heart. I have fought the effects in myself and others. I watched a close friend battle with anorexia at a very young age, when I could barely comprehend the concept. I was helpless. We can blame many things, but awareness is the best cure I can think of.


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